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  • Product Name: PHK Starter Power Resistors
  • Product No.: 279
  • Added time: 2014-05-10
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   Ⅰ A tubular ceramic insulator has a fixed number of windings and is wound with heavy alloy wire as a resistance element.
      The staggering wound is made according to the desired  resistance value.
   Ⅱ Metal parts are heavily plated to prevent oxidation at high operating temperature and to prevent corrosion. PHK’s high

      power rating(500w-1000w)and low resistance value.(0.5Ω-0.7Ω)provide application high starter power and capacity.

   Ⅲ This power wirewound resistor is high temperature-resistant, dissipates heat well ,has a low temperature coefficient

      that varies direct in direct proportion, and is suitable for application loads involving brief current surges.


   ⅠTypical applications for power starter resistors in motor starters , load measurements, industrial machinery, electric

     distribution, dynamic braking, load dumping , current limiting, instrumentation, and automation control installations.
   Due to the set number of windings on the ceramic form ,the resistance value range is relatively low . Tolerance is ±10%

     and this product is available in various in resistance boxes.

Power Rating:

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