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  • Product Name: RM Carbon film variable resistor
  • Product No.: 305
  • Added time: 2014-07-02
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       Carbon film a djustable  resistor adopts the  technology of  high  temperature vacuum coating to make the

  carbon  attached  tightly  to the surface  of the ceramic rod, so the value of the  resistance can be adjusted

  by humankind, so that is can meet the need of circuit. We have two types of this kind: the vertical adjustable
  type and  the  horizontal  adjustable  type,  The main parts and the features of the two types are of the same,

  except  for the  point  and direction  of the leads are different.  RM063-V1 is the horizontal type carbon film

  adjustable  resistor  and the RM063- H1 is the vertical  type carbon  film adjustable resistor, which are widely

  used in electric cooker, induction cooker, household appliance, security and protection area and other industries.

  The resistance tolerance is ±20%.

Power Rating: